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‘Tis the Season for Eating, Giving, & Doing Good

December 4, 2009

Last night I attended another classy holiday party hosted by those savvy gals at blogher. As at previous blogher events, invitees were encouraged to bring canned goods for distribution at a local food bank. Stellar idea.

As I headed to the groovy gathering carrying my brown paper sack filled with canned beans I passed people in need on every corner on a particularly cold winter’s night along the streets of San Francisco’s South of Market area.

And, as often is the case, I was left with the uncomfortable feeling that I’m not doing enough as a person of privilege and modest means. (Trust me, I gotta pay the bills like everyone else.)

This holiday season I swear will be different. To kick things off, I’m unabashedly lifting this brilliant idea from the generous Cheryl Sternman Rule over at the delightful 5 Second Rule. So do stop by her blog, and while you’re there, check out her recipe for Slow Cooker Black Bean Soup. Sounds perfect for this chilly weather.

But before you go, can I encourage you to give a little? Here’s how it works: If I was a little more techno savvy you would see a “button” on the right side of the screen in the sidebar. Alas, I’m not, so instead just click here and it will take you to a link to Network for Good, a reputable online charity hub. As you’ll see, I’ve selected the Alameda County Community Food Bank, a nonprofit that serves some 40,00 people in need every week, as my local charity of choice.

Click on the button and donate as little as $5 or as much as you like. That’s it. Just takes a few secs. Honest. A small amount (4.75%) covers admin costs at the Network of Good, the rest goes directly to feed people in need. (If you want your entire $5 to go to food, then donate $5.24.) Learn more here.

Think about it, for the price of a chai latte and a scone (my fav breakfast treat) you’ll be making a difference in someone else’s life.  Your donation is both tax deductible and guaranteed to make you feel good. Promise.

I’m sensing you might prefer a Portuguese tart and some tea for your troubles. Let me send you one, virtually:

Here’s the back story to today’s post and my pitch for convincing you all — yes, that means you too — to fork out five bucks: I spent the better part of the day trying to load a widget onto this very page so that %$#@&*@!!! charity badge would show up on my site. It wouldn’t work — even the good folks at Network for Good couldn’t tell me what was up.

I’m ashamed to admit I was so frustrated I had a little tanty about the whole thing. Not a good look. Very bah humbug-y of me. Then I fielded a call from a friend who just got laid off. She’s the breadwinner.  It’s a few weeks before the holidays. Why do %$@^&^%!!! employers do that?

Let’s just say I got a little perspective. So I can’t load a widget. Some folks can’t put food on the table. Get a real problem, girl, you know what I’m saying? I’ve forgiven myself and made amends (I hope) in the forums where I blew off steam. I’m grateful to good samaritan and fellow food blogger Ron Doyle, who set me straight (that widget was never gonna load given my current setup. Sigh.) Time for a site upgrade, perhaps.

Which reminds me of an amusing link my friend Cheryl (see above) sent today: It’s to a post on dealing with, ah, people like me and their vision for a site redesign. But you get to click on the funny button after you do the right thing and make a contribution, okay? That’s your little reward.

While I’ve volunteered in my community for years, I’ve never done something like this before. I’ve never, you know, asked. But together I think we can raise a respectable sum this month. I know my techno-obsessed son and I will eagerly watch the numbers on the widget inch up during the season of sharing and I’ll keep you posted.

I’d be so grateful if you’d join us. And please spread the word.

Feel free to leave a comment or email me after you’ve donated. And thank you, in advance, for your generosity. And, um, just a reminder: Click right here to contribute.