Hi,Sarah Henry

This is a photo of me in my teeny tiny backyard (home to one prolific Meyer lemon tree) taken by my photog friend Anne Hamersky, who shares my passion for food and farm matters.

My name is Sarah Henry and I’m a freelance writer and avid eater who lives in Berkeley, California with my 11-year-old son, a zealous vegetarian and raw food aficionado who’s not immune to the pleasure of a rare pilgrimage to a doughnut shop. Gabe served as Anne’s gaffer on the photo shoot. He thinks it might be a cool way to make a buck or two.

I’ve written about kids and food, taught after-school cooking classes, and I volunteer each week in the kitchen at the Edible Schoolyard.

I love it when kids eat their greens – oranges, reds, yellows, purples, and blues too.  And I’m happy when a child discovers the delights of an unfamiliar fruit or veggie, asks for the recipe, and then begs a parent to cook it at home. I’ve been known to lie in bed at night tallying on my fingers whether or not my kid ate five pieces of produce that day. He usually does. Yes, I’m well aware that’s a tad compulsive.

Lettuce Eat Kale is a home for musings on food, family, friends, and growing greens.  I hope the recipes, tips, and tidbits found here give people big and small a way to enjoy the pleasures of the table – one meal at a time.

Feel free to leave a message here, email me directly: sarahhenry0509@gmail.com, or find me on twitter: http://twitter.com/lettuceeatkale  Thanks for stopping by.


5 Responses to “About”

  1. Julie Negrin Says:

    Hi Sarah –
    I just wanted to say hello and that I love your blog. I am also a cooking teacher (and nutritionist). I came across your site after a friend sent the link to your Michelle Obama piece. I just posted one defending Michelle Obama too and linked to your post (www.julienegrin.com/blog). Take care. Best, Julie

  2. Hannah Says:

    Hi Sarah! Thanks for contacting us. It’s always great to find other kale devotees online, especially so close by geographically!


  3. School Produce Stand Feeds Families in Oakland - Santa Cruz Local Foods Says:

    […] Given my background, perhaps I’m biased, but I see tremendous benefits in an edible education and few downsides to feeding kids fresh food. […]

  4. Shannon Morehouse Says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I absolutely LOVE your website! Phenomenal musings—a fun resource. Thank you for sharing! I will be checking out your blog regularly!
    With bliss,

  5. Lettuce Eat Kale « Cornhens in Thailand Says:

    […] amazing food writer, a prolific blogger and our friend Sarah Henry wrote a piece about our experience and the cooking school. It was great to read about our life from […]

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