Seeking Comfort Foods During Season of Excess

Had too many fancy-pants dinners lately? Sick of rich desserts? Over overindulging on the eating and drinking front at holiday parties?

If I’m in Australia this time of year I start to O.D. on nibbles like taramosalata dip, champers, and triple-cream Brie. In California, it’s enough with the holiday cookies already.

So, quick question: During this season of excess consumption, what foods do you seek out to bring back balance in your diet?

For me, it’s porridge or granola, fruit, & yogurt for breakfast. Manchego cheese, rice crackers, & fuji apple for lunch. A big green salad or roasted root veggies for dinner.

What foods help you stay on track during the holidays? Do tell.


10 Responses to “Seeking Comfort Foods During Season of Excess”

  1. Cheryl@5secondrule Says:

    Honestly? I’ve been eating like a hog for the past 6 days and can’t wait to get back to my new favorite comfort food obsession: red quinoa I bought from Rancho Gordo. I cook up a big batch & keep it in the fridge. Then I use Heidi Swanson’s recipe on 101 Cookbooks as a guide and warm up a bowl of the stuff in the a.m. with milk, cinnamon, pecans and brown sugar. Fills me right up… comforting and healthy.

    I have one more day of eating like a madwoman, then I swear, it’s back to the quinoa. Seriously, I swear.

    • Sarah Henry Says:

      Love the sound of that red quinoa recipe for brekkie, Cheryl. Maybe now the chocolate-covered ginger cookies are all gone…

  2. MP Says:

    For me it’s fresh fruit. This time of year I love citrus, especially blood oranges.

  3. Dianne Jacob Says:

    Oh man, I’m with Cheryl. Typically I try to eat a plant-based diet, but this time of year, all hell’s breaking loose. Last night, for example, with out-of-town guests, licorice (which Cheryl hates) allsorts and chocolate during a movie, capped off by a glass of St. Germain liqueur.

    I’m trying to add in lots of fruit and salad to balance it out. Not winning the war, and must be seen in a bathing suit in front of food bloggers shortly.

    • Sarah Henry Says:

      Sounds wonderfully decadent, Dianne. As for being bathing-suit clad with food bloggers soon…no sympathy here, half your luck!

  4. JCN Says:

    Have also over-indulged horribly, and really understand that old phrase ‘feeling liverish’.

    Feel peevish and slow, although I kept very active right throughout with lots of walking, swimming and even horse-riding … This morning, we ate fresh passionfruit, ruby-red grapefruit, red cherries and papaya for breakfast and I felt instantly better.

    Raw fruit and vegetables – there is nothing else that makes you feel so well after days of making unwise seasonal food choices! And as you may have guessed from the fruit selection – we’re in the southern hemisphere and I must appear in a bathing suit on a boat in an hour’s time. It’s too late for me; save yourselves 🙂 Happy New Year!

    • Sarah Henry Says:

      Hmmm…seems a swim suit theme is emerging here regarding overdoing it during the holidays — and choosing fruit as a way to cleanse after excess.

  5. Sue Hutchison Says:

    Salad, salad, salad.

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