Friendship by the Numbers

5 gals

2 become firm friends at age 8

12 the age we all get together and become great mates

4 years tanning our legs along the C block wall

7 countries, 4 continents

5 marriages

4 partners from overseas

3 exes

1 20-year union

10 babies, ranging in age from 3 to 18

1 parent gone

15 years since our last weekend away as a fivesome

10 months since we were reunited in sydney

26 years since we’ve all lived in the one country

33 years as the fab 5, together again for

1 wedding


1 celebratory feast at fusion 7 (more on that later), punctuated by

1 passing, 1 proposal, and 1 silly pink Akubra hat for the hen among us who refers to herself as a boiler

countless hours spent laughing, crying, listening, and talking together over plunger coffee, a good red, or a fine dining experience

here’s to many more…


6 Responses to “Friendship by the Numbers”

  1. Susi Says:

    Saw this post when I was cruising your site a couple of weeks ago – just fab. Will also be grabbing some of the yummy recipes. Love to you – you’re so clever!
    s x

    • Sarah Henry Says:

      Thanks, Susi, for your comment and inspiration for this post! I updated the happy snap. Much better, don’t you think?

      • Fiona Says:

        That’s me in the purple – it looks as though I do need to eat more kale and less of the other stuff lined up with my fab sisters…..Seriously though, as the years clock up and we get to the stage of our children being older than we were when we first met at school, the memories are still clear and vibrant and I feel truly privileged. Love your work, Sare. xf

  2. Sarah Henry Says:

    Hi Fi,

    You gave me a whole different perspective on things when you pointed out that most of our collective kids are older than the five of us were when we met on the playground. Holey moley. On a good day I still feel 16 inside. How ’bout you?

  3. Fiona Says:

    Yes – 16 inside is about right…except on those days when I’m feeling particularly cynical about my experience of people in the years from 16 to now! (Then I feel very old and very jaded). I suppose that is one thing I really wish for all of our children is that they get to experience good quality friendships….but then I suppose you don’t always appreciate the good ones unless you have had some bad ones…My 14 year old is starting to see that now – making observations about kids at school and what they are up to in their friendships and other relationships with parents etc. I’m sure your dear boy is the same!

  4. Jacqui Holmes Says:

    Fiona gave me this site to check out. I’m impressed with what I have seen so far.
    (She thought I would be very interested being a virtual vego and married to a spud farmer dabbling in organics and biodynamics)
    I also went to school with your brother…and am great mates with Fiona.
    Did you realise that it was her birthday the day between your postings on the 10th ? 45 years young !!!:-)

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