Sydney Festival Flags Food I’m headed home tomorrow, that’s Down Under, for a couple of weeks to celebrate some significant milestones with family and friends. And I’ve only just realized that I’ll be in town for the start of the Sydney International Food Festival. I’ll  miss the world chefs weekend showcase, but hope I can catch a night noodle market, some barbecue madness, a bush tucker event, or even a 100 mile diet dinner. And I’m wondering if I can attend the luncheon where Stephanie Alexander, the Alice Waters of Australia, will speak — and still make my return flight in time.

Sydney food is pretty darn delicious, whether it’s cheap & cheerful or fancy pants fabulous. More specifics in future posts but I’m already compiling a to-do list for my trip on the eating-out front. Seafood is high on the agenda. And since it’s a multiculti place I’m keen to have some local Lebanese, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, and Greek food too.’t you just love these national flags made from national foods, part of the publicity campaign for this spring food event? The simple images, created by Aussie ad agency Whybin/TBWA, are fun, fresh, and clever. Plus, I get hungry just looking at them.

Here’s a quick quiz: Can you tell me which countries these six flags represent — and what foods are included in the mix?

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5 Responses to “Sydney Festival Flags Food”

  1. Romney Steele Says:

    I hate pop quizzes, I really, really do…but man you do have me wondering what country it is made up of limes, pineapple, and not a plum, I think, but a passion fruit? I see Italy in there-and well….I’ll leave the rest to your more worldly readers.

    I love Stephanie Alexander’s work-oh, do go and tell us all about it.

    And what about the spring food festival? Shall we go? dreaming, here, but why not. Have always wanted to go to Australia. Have a blast!!

  2. Anna Says:

    I don’t want to guess…because I may look silly citing wrong answers! But, I will add that these are darling images. Never even thought of it, but very, very clever. I “get” the basil and tomato flag. That’s easy. The others, I’m not totally sure about.

    Happy trails to you.

  3. Sarah Henry Says:

    The pineapple, lime, passionfruit flag represents Brazil. Any other guesses?

  4. Vicucio Says:

    The countries for the flags are:

    1: Brazil
    2: Lebanon
    3: Greece
    4: Vietnam
    5: Italy
    6: France

  5. Sarah Henry Says:

    Good going, Vicucio, you’ve correctly identified all six.

    Anyone want to make up a national food flag of their own?

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